Holistic Care Management Support for Older Adults and their Adult Children

Aging can be a confusing time of life both for those experiencing advanced aging and for their loved ones. We are aging experts working with older adults and their adult children with a goal to create peace of mind through information, programs and support for a purposeful aging process…

Our Process

Through a thorough assessment process, we develop a complete and integrated social, financial, legal, medical and spiritual snapshot of the older adult’s life. Based on this assessment, we define a plan including recommendations for how to enhance the older adult’s lifestyle. Depending upon your needs, we can support a one-time intervention or full plan creation with or without implementation.

Plan Elements

             Social Living Environment * Financial * Legal * Medical * Spiritual

Social Living Environment

We examine the older adults living environment, providing suggestions for successful “aging-in-place” or a transition to a care home. Our goal: A safe, supportive environment that recognizes the importance of capable independence and purpose. We interview, visit and finally make recommendations for improving the living environment.

Financial, Legal, Medical

Are appropriate documents in place to support legacy and desires of the older adult? Are all medical providers sharing information to avoid a drug or treatment conflict? Are adult children aware of their parent’s true desires? We provide recommendations to ensure these needs are met.


Whether the older adult experiences spirituality through a specific religious approach, through nature or through the arts, we help create programs to support the lifelong spiritual search that leads to purpose and a recognition of wisdom that comes with aging.

Who Needs Us

If you or your older adult parents are in crisis over how to support a better aging; or you want to plan proactively before the crisis happens or, you want to better understand what to expect in aging and how to create a positive experience, we are here for you. As gerontologists, we will guide you through our assessment, planning and coaching programs developing a customized solution to address your needs, those of your aging parent and your budget constraints.


Knowledgeable integrators of all that surrounds the aging journey

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